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Laboratory of Advanced Systems


   The Advanced Systems Laboratory (LSA) was created at the Ecole Polytechnique de Tunisie (EPT) in 1999 as a research unit (LECAP: Laboratory of Study and Automatic Process Control). It was promoted to a Research Laboratory in 2011 (Code LR11ES27) with an extension of its research activities to the wider field of "advanced systems"

Scientific Production

Ever since its creation, the activities of the LSA Laboratory have led to the defense of around fifty doctoral theses (50), 9 university habilitations, and more than 130 master's and DEA theses. In addition, the results obtained in the laboratory have been the subject of more than 500 scientific publications presented in the form of journal articles or communications at high level scientific conferences.

International Cooperation

Several research subjects considered in the LSA are treated in cooperation with international scientific partners, including: the L2EP laboratory at the Ecole Centrale de Lille, the LAGEP laboratory of the Claude Bernard University of Lyon, the LAGIS laboratory of the Ecole Centrale de Lille, the MIS Laboratory of the Picardie Jules Vernes University in Amiens, The IBISC laboratory of the University of Paris-Evry.

Research Projects

Research undertaken at LSA falls within the scope of the design, control, and optimization of advanced systems. More specifically, it relates to the development of automation for complex systems and the implementation of optimal procedures and techniques for the design, modeling and control of embedded systems. 

In this context, the activities of the Advanced Systems Laboratory are structured around a research program divided into seven research sub-programs (projects):

  • Development of advanced techniques for the analysis of nonlinear systems (DETA-SNL)
  • State observation and fault tolerant control (OBE-CTD)
  • Identification and Control of Dynamic Systems (ICOS)
  • Optimization of large and complex systems (OPSY-CGD)
  • Modeling and advanced control of industrial systems (MOCASI)
  • Exploration of the design space of MPSoC architectures (EXECA-MPSoc)
  • Development of Dedicated Embedded Systems for Biomedical Engineering (DSE-IBM)

Research Team

Currently, The LSA laboratory has 67 researchers varying from professors and lecturers (7) to assistant professors and assistants (22), doctoral students and young doctors (30), master's students (8).

École Polytechnique de Tunisie

Adress : Rue Khawarizmi, B.P. 743, Al Marsa 2078, Tunis, Tunisie.

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Phone : +216 71 774 611

Poste: 262

Code: LR11ES27

Director: Prof. Naceur Benhadj