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Laboratory of Industrial Economics and Management


   The Research Laboratory; Industrial Economics and Management (LEGI) is a research laboratory of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, attached to the Ecole Polytechnique de Tunisie, University of Carthage. LEGI is a research center assembling the knowhow and experience of researchers from different higher education institutions to carry out academic research, as well as provide studies and analysis to both public institutions and private organizations. As most of its members are involved in educational activities, LEGI contributes to develop education by inserting modern thought, innovating methodologies and new results into programs.

   Having links with industrial and institutional environment, it takes a part in analyzing the emerging questions for a sustainable development.


   Growing cooperative relations and constructive contacts with international research centers is aimed at strengthening its own potentials and facilitating communication about common interest issues. 


To achieve these goals, LEGI undertakes the following principal activities.

  • Basic research addressing important issues at different levels of economic decision and management field: industrial economics and management, public economics, regulation policies, finance, operations research and econometrics…
  • Applied research and modeling in the above-mentioned fields.

Research Projects

  • Energy and environmental policy.
  • Financial system & FINTECH.
  • Industrial policy and productive performance of Tunisian businesses.

Research Team

The laboratory is organized around a team of 22 senior researchers and 23 junior researchers. The research team is formed by:

  • 6 full professors
  •            4 associate professors
  •           12 assistant professors
  •          5 lecturers 
  •      18 PhD students

École Polytechnique de Tunisie

Adress : Rue Khawarizmi, B.P. 743, Al Marsa 2078, Tunis, Tunisie.

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Phone : +216 71 774 611

Poste: 262

Code: LR99ES22

Director: Prof. Lilia Elamraoui