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Industrial Partners

The Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG): In 2013, a two-party partnership agreement was signed, it concerns the funding of doctoral theses. Today the SERCOM laboratory has several doctoral students funded by STEG. •

Vivo Energy: In 2014, a partnership and sponsorship agreement was signed between EPT and Vivo Energy. This agreement highlights the joint actions that will be undertaken by the two parties.

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST): Regular reception of EPT researchers, doctoral students and trainees but also reception of KAUST researchers at EPT.

CODINTEK: Founded by an alumnus of EPT, this company regularly recruits graduates and interns from EPT. In addition, a three-party partnership agreement was signed between Codinteck, EPT, and the National Agency for the Promotion of Scientific Research (ANPR). Today a doctoral thesis is taking place between EPT and Codinteck. 

Signature Date : June 05, 2021

Duration            :  1 year

Acquis                : Preimage de l’EPT Start Up Incubator

Signature Date : November 26, 2020

Duration            :  1 year

Acquis                : PFE internships 

Signature Date : November 04, 2019

Duration            :  1 year

Acquis                : Reservation of the omni sport field for EPT students

                             every Wednesday afternoon


 Conseil Audit Formation, membre du réseau International PwC (PwC Tunisie)

Signature Date : September 2, 2019

Duration            :  1 year 

Acquis                :  - Renovation of the amphitheater

                               - Free education

                               - Supervision of internships and PFE

                               - Welcoming students as part of the "business visit"


Signature Date : September 2, 2019

Duration            :  1 year

Acquis                : - Creation of a Spark club EPT

                            - Free training for students


Signature Date : May 23, 2019

Duration            :  2 years

Acquis                : - Reception of students as part of the "business


                              module and presentation of the status and mission

                               of the fund

                              - Supervision of internships

Signature Date :  March 01, 2019

Duration            :  2 years

Acquis                : - Sponsorship of events

                             - Supervision of PFE

Signature Date : January 30, 2019

Duration            :  3 years

Acquis                : Training and Certification Teachers and Students