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Marjene Rabah Gana
Director of the Department of Economics and Scientific Management-Professor in Finance
ESA- Lille 2
HEC Montréal
Mrs. Marjène Rabah Gana is a University Professor in Finance. She was also a professor at IHEC Carthage and ISG Bizerte. She is a member of the Applied Economics and Finance Laboratory (LEFA). She teaches finance courses at IFID and at the Tunis Stock Exchange Training Institute. She studied Finance at HEC Montreal and achieved her thesis her at the Ecole Supérieure de Affaires de Lille. She teaches business valuation, financial engineering and portfolio management. Her research focuses on corporate governance, contagion and crisis propagation, market efficiency, portfolio optimization, financial asset valuation models and fintechs. She was director of the Higher Institute of Commerce and Accounting of Bizerte (currently ISG Bizerte) and is currently director of the Department of Economics and Scientific Management at the Polytechnic School of Tunisia.