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The École Polytechnique de Tunisie has a national mission to train the leader  of this country. It exploits the potential and the capacity of its students  having passed the national examination of entrance to engineering schools and classified among the top 100 candidates. EPT offers a versatile and multidisciplinary training of a very high level that meets the needs of national companies and international engineering standards.

Supported by active elite faculty, it aims to master modern tools for design and technical-economic optimization, languages ​​and communication skills for a period of three years. The versatile education provided at EPT has the invaluable advantage of training engineers capable of integrating and synthesizing various and complementary fields of engineering. It therefore gives graduates good adaptability to the job market and broad prospects for pursuing their studies in specialized masters or doctoral cycles.

The training plan at the École Polytechnique de Tunisie is spread over 3 years, it is organized as follows: 

constitutes the "hard core" of the training and is spread over 3 semesters. It brings together a set of scientific and technical courses covering several disciplines, namely Mathematics, Physics and processes, Computer science, Economics, Scientific management, mechanics, Robotics, Aerodynamics ...

This first period of training allows students to approach the  courses track provided during the condensation period. It is particularly devoted to providing EPT engineering students with capacities for analysis and adaptation to diversity of human and technical aspects.


allows the EPT engineering students to further sharpen their skills in one of the condensations offered by the school. However this should not be considered a period of mere specialization; it is just a deeper integration into one of the technical and scientific fields provided 

Students can choose one of these condensations:

Complex System (SysCo)

Economics and Scientif Management( EGES)

Signals and Systems (SISY)