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Projects and Internships

Throughout all 3 academic years, internships are mandatory. Engineering students cannot obtain their diplomas without having validated them all.

Being known for their resilience, creativity and their problem solving skills , EPT students get internship proposals from major Tunisian companies, but also international research laboratories and companies from all over the world. Each internship allows engineering students to refine their career choices.







Entry Level Internship

At the end of their 1st year, EPT's students must achieve an Entry Level Internship in a company with a duration of 4 weeks. This internship aims to introduce students to the socio-industrial environment.

Engineer Internship

At the end of their 2nd year, EPT students must do an Engineer internship of at least 4 weeks.

This internship starts at the beginning of June. This objective of which is the application and deepening of acquired knowledge.

The engineering internship allows students to gradually get to know the professional world.

Graduation Project

At the end of their 3rd year, EPT students must carry out a graduation internship lasting up to 6 month. At the end of their internship, a defense is organized. A jury decides on the validation of the internship based on the report of the president of the internship jury. The best companies and laboratories all over the world (MIT, Duke,Aachen...) represent the destination for the EPT interns and almost all of them pass with excellent grades.