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EPT is committed to provide its students with a multidisciplinary, general educational experience where they adopt an intellectual quest based on STEM principles applied to engineering design. A special value is  attributed to communication skills and awareness of the creative and professional contributions to the complex societal needs. 

Hence, EPT’s mission is to train engineers with a highly qualified capacity to understand, evaluate, solve, analyze and develop effective solutions to multidisciplinary projects. It is basically centered around the following axes (Article 3 of JORT # 91-42, June 26, 1991):

  •  meet the country's needs for design and project engineers who are able to improve technical systems, follow and master technological developments.
  • carry out high-level responsibilities in the scientific, technical, economic and social fields, in the private and public sectors.
  • provide its students with a multidisciplinary training intended to make them acquire a high-level scientific, technical and general culture.
  • contribute, through its research and activities, to the development and mastery of modern technologies.